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Franz Moritz Wilhelm Marc was born on 08.02.1880 in Munich and he died on 04.03.1916 in Braquis near Verdun, France. Franz Marc was a German painter, illustrator, and graphic artist who is considered as one of the most important painters of Expressionism in Germany even today. He was the cofounder of the editorial team “The blue rider” together with Wassily Kandinsky that held its first exhibition in Munich on 18th December 1911. “The blue rider” emerged from the new artists' group and Franz Marc was its member for a short while. Franz Marc wrote “The blue rider” and other art publications and theoretical writings for the almanac. His early works were confined to a naturalistic style, but after his visit to Paris in 1907, he turned to Post impressionism under the influence of Gauguin and van Gogh. He used style elements of Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism and Orphism and developed his own style: simple, clear forms with natural colours existing in harmony with each other. He made his most popular paintings during this period, which mainly use animal motifs such as “The Tiger”, “The little blue Horse”, “Yellow Cow”, “The Tower of the blue horses”, or “The fate of the animals”. His first abstract paintings like “ Small Composition I” and “Fighting forms” developed in 1913 and 1914. At the time of mobilization before the First World War, Franz Marc joined voluntarily and he was later killed after two years at the age of 36 near Verdun. Franz Marc attained pure abstraction only at the end of his creation. Decorate your walls with motifs by Franz Marc. These paintings are perfectly suitable for decorationg bright living areas. Wall art by Franz Marc can be ordered in our online-shop in any form you desire e.g. as a poster, art print on canvas, hand-painted oil painting, acrylic art print or metal print. Each piece of wall art is unique!

Franz Marc • Custom Art Prints, Paintings & Posters

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