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Premium Wall Art & Fine Art Prints

Fine art, contemporary art & photography - discover more than 1 million art prints on canvas, hand painted oil paintings and posters at Unique-Canvas.com. Since the year 2001, we are following our objective of offering our customers the great masterpieces as premium art reproductions in the highest quality. All artworks are manufactured on demand in different media types and any size with custom framing. Create your own artwork!

Our wall art - high tech & craftsmanship

Canvas Prints

Fine art prints on canvas

For our art prints on canvas, we use only high quality canvases made of cotton from Hahnemühle, which meet the highest standards of colour gradation, depth of field, contrast and lines. Due to the rough surface structure of our cotton canvas, our art prints create a haptic vivid materiality and transform living spaces into oases of well being. Our art prints can be ordered on two different canvases and individually tailored in terms of format and custom framing. » More...

Oil Paintings

Handmade oil paintings

Order museum quality oil painting reproductions of Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt and other famous artists. Our handmade oil paintings are high value reproductions that are painted stroke by stroke by professional artists having several years of experience in accurate handwork and these paintings come very close to the original. We exclusively use high pigmented oil colours of reputed manufacturers. The hard-wearing, primed, cotton canvas ensures maximum distortion-proofing. After completion of an oil painting, the colour is dried for one week. » More...


Handmade wood frames

You will find a huge selection of qualitative premium frames. Our collection varies from opulent original or baroque frames to modern elegant frame strips, from plain plate frames to the premium model frames, always suitable to your paintings or art prints. All frames distinguish themselves through timeless design, stability and longevity. Our frames are manufactured to the same high standards as our art. They are painted after the joining process, hiding the corner seam completely, and are assembled by hand so no screws are used. » More...


Unique custom posters

By means of the use of state of the art printing technology and the highest manufacturing quality, our posters retain the greatest possible authenticity with brilliant colours, fine lines and rich depths even after many years. No fading or yellowing, despite windowless framing. You can order our high quality posters in freely selectable formats, with or without matting, on four high quality print materials from Hahnemühle: Poster on photographic cardboard (200 g), poster on matte watercolour art paper (240 g) and poster on handmade paper (190 g). » More...

Metal Prints

Metal- & dibond prints

For our panel printing, the motifs are printed on distortion free and weatherproof composite panels. These high quality carrier materials allow an incomparable colour brilliance and a noble gallery look, they are very robust and dimensionally stable. The smallest details are reproduced in high definition. You have the choice between Forex panels with their excellent value for money, white, slightly matte Alu-Dibond panels and prints on Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish® with brushed aluminium and a noble metal effect. » More...

Acrylic Art Prints

Eye-popping acrylic art prints

Our acrylic glass prints are perhaps the noblest way to decorate your own four walls. The motif is reproduced completely raster-free in a 12 colour printing process and is completely cured by irradiation with UV light. The acrylic glass increases the light transmission capability and enhances the colour intensity and luminosity of the image pigments. The refraction free connection enhances the optical depth impression. Acrylic glass prints can be ordered on 4 or 6 mm panels or as a gallery print. » More...

Quality art reproductions since 2001