Fine Art Prints & Paintings by Art Styles & Periods

Art prints & paintings by art styles & periods

In the category fine art by art styles & periods you will find the works of renowned painters from the history of arts; ranging from the middle ages to the contemporary. These are sorted as per their stylistic features and time periods. Beginning with the depiction of the biblical stories in Gothic paintings to the rebirth of ancient art in the Renaissance to the magnificent paintings of Baroque and Rococo, you will find the wall art of the so-called "Old Masters" here. Classic Modernism began with Impressionism and its major artists - Claude Monet, Edouard Manet and Edgar Degas. Impressionism had a great influence on the successive styles of art such as Expressionism, Futurism, Art Nouveau or Cubism. In the area of Contemporary Art, colourful and two dimensional Pop Art illustrations with motives from everyday culture and the world of consumption are displayed beside the abstract wall art that create an effect merely via colours, materials and shapes. All wall art can be ordered in freely selectable formats as art prints on canvas, hand painted oil paintings, posters, acrylic art prints or dibond prints with frames.