Fine Art Prints & Paintings classified by Topics & Themes

Art prints & paintings by topics and themes

In the category fine art by topics and themes you will discover the most beautiful motifs in the history of art so you can accentuate your own home with style and taste. In this category, all the pictures are sorted exclusively as per themes and motives; and not as per the style of art or painting or the epochs and their regional origins. Thus, for example, you will find the most beautiful nude paintings from more than 600 years of the history of art in the category "nude paintings". Painters from all the epochs celebrated the beauty of the human body, ranging from the idealized nude paintings of the Renaissance to the opulent beauty of the baroque paintings to the »Close-Ups« of Modern Art. Wall art e.g. in the category “cities and architecture” are content-wise quite different - yet they are equally multifaceted. Here you will discover thematic diversity, ranging from the venetian paintings of Canaletto to the modern architectural photography with skylines of famous metropolis from New York to Hongkong. Our wall art with flower themes are popular for decorating living rooms - or find colourful art prints or posters with animal motifs e.g. by Franz Marc to decorate children's rooms. All imaginable options are available for decorating the walls of your home. For all paintings you can determine the format to cm-level accuracy and you can place an order in our online-shop as a poster, canvas print, hand painted oil painting, acrylic art print or dibond print with or without frame.<