Custom picture frames

Handmade custom frames


Transforming a wide variety of the best raw materials into unique creations for our clients is at the heart of our framing business. Every frame that we build is milled and finished to your exact specifications.

You will find a huge selection of qualitative premium frames. Our collection varies from opulent original or baroque frames to modern elegant frame strips, from plain plate frames to the premium model frames, always suitable to your paintings or art prints.

All frames distinguish themselves through timeless design, stability and longevity. Our frames are manufactured to the same high standards as our art. They are painted after the joining process, hiding the corner seam completely, and are assembled by hand so no screws are used.

The Perfect Picture Frame

Finding the perfect picture frame


Stretcher frames - popular wall decorations

A stretcher frame is a wooden framework support used by artists to mount their canvases. The use of stretcher bars has become increasingly prominent for wall decoration such as canvas prints or oil painting reproductions. To avoid warping, our stretcher bars are made in well dried nordic pinewood. We professionally stretch the canvas tightly by hand to ensure that it does not sag over time. Your artwork will arrive ready to hang.

Modern frames – great looks & simple designs

Classic, timeless and elegant - modern picture frames impress with a great look and a simple design. Our modern picture frames are high quality frames with the best price/performance ratio. The clear form directs the focus to the motif and underlines its effect on the viewer. Our modern picture frames are available in a wide range of colors, from understated white or black to dramatic, red, green, silver, and more. Your framed artwork will arrive ready to hang.

Floating frames - the L-shaped profile

Floater frames have an L-shaped profile. Thanks to a small gap between the frame and the edges of the artwork, the picture appears to float inside the frame. This brings out the surface of the canvas in the best possible way and gives it a unique presence. A contemporary frame for your artwork that is both elegant and subtle. All our floater frames arrive ready to hang on the wall.

Classic frames - antique accents & rich finishes

Classic frames are similar to baroque frames decorated with "strings of pearls" or other ornaments, but their appearance is less opulent due to the thinner profiles. Our classic wood frames add warmth, refinement, and a sense of timelessness to the artwork and fit well in both traditional and modern spaces. Our Classical frames are available in various colours and will arrive ready to hang.

Baroque frames - the eye-catchers in the room

Baroque frames are opulent and richly decorated picture frames, that act as an eye-catcher in the room. These ornate frames are characterized by an elaborate abundance of details, drama and grandeur. The lavish flourishes and expansive shapes of the baroque frames have found their way into both classic and modern living styles. Our Baroque frames are available in several combinations of finishings and in various colours and will arrive ready to hang.